Contributions for February 2018

January was another exciting month for us at Power of Deduction.  Thanks in part to a birthday registry from a generous and selfless supporter (our first ever birthday registry, in fact!), we set another record in gifts received, which also meant we could give more away to the charities we selected.  And that's just what we've done,  Yesterday, we made our biggest single month contributions ever to the following organizations:

Immigration and Refugees - BRAC USA - One of just a few repeat recipients of our contributions for this month, BRAC USA is an excellent organization that is uniquely positioned to serve Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.  That's because BRAC was founded in Bangladesh, and has dozens of people on the ground there who speak a dialect similar to that of the Rohingya.  Add to this unique positioning the organization's stellar financials and well-deserved awards from watchdog organizations and, well, the case for this month's contribution from the Immigration and Refugee fund was extremely solid. 

Global Health - Partners In Health - This was the first month in which we did not give to a purveyor of mosquito nets from our Global Health fund, choosing instead to support Partners In Health's various health programs in places like Haiti, Malawi, and Liberia.  We remain committed to malaria prevention through mosquito nets and expect to once again turn our support there in the near future, but were excited to help the incredible, effective, and economical services of an organization like PIH this month. 

The Environment - Amazon Conservation Association - Another new organization for this month is Amazon Conservation Association.  As the name suggests, it seeks to protect the Amazon rainforest against threats like mining and logging in the interest of maintaining its rich biodiversity.  And like all organization we chose, it has top marks for the financial efficiency with which it serves its mission.  We were disappointed to find that its contributions are processed through the third party intermediary Network for Good, however.  We view such intermediaries, which reduce the amount actually making its way to support the cause we intended, to be harmful and problematic, so generally try to steer clear of them.

Animal Welfare - Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund - Yet another newcomer to the list this month, the Gorilla Fund takes a holistic approach to protecting critically endangered gorillas.  It works to preserve their natural forest habitats and educate the communities that live nearby regarding conservation strategies.  The multi-pronged approached struck us as likely to be effective, and the stellar financial picture for the organization depicted in its various tax filings left us confident our contribution would be used well.

Homelessness - Bowery Residents Committee - We gave to BRC this month to support the housing and treatment services it provides to New York's homeless.  It's an A-rated charity on Charity Watch, in part because a staggering 91% of its incoming contributions are used to advance its mission.  Once again, a New York charity may not seem like the natural choice for a California couple like ourselves, but we reject the theory that charity should be a local affair, instead believing we should give where we see the best combination of need and potential.

Nutrition and Hunger - One Acre Fund  - We were excited to make our first gift to the One Acre Fund this month, which offers financial support and training to farmers in East Africa. It's solid four star rating from Charity Navigator is supported in part by the fact that nearly 92% of its revenues go towards serving its mission, which struck as as an interesting one.  We look forward to learning more about this organization, conducting further research into its efficacy, and possibly making further contributions to it in the future.

Arts - Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network - We love organizations that bring the arts to populations that may not otherwise be inclined to participate, as we're persuaded that artistic engagement can have significant therapeutic effects.  Arts for Incarcerated Youth is an extremely reputable organization in this space, so we're excited to stand behind it.

Education - Evidence Action - GiveWell, a source that we generally trust and rely upon, is extremely impressed by Evidence Action, and in particular its "Deworm the World Initiative."  Intestinal parasites are a significant problem in parts of the developing world, and are one of the primary factors that drive down school attendance.  In keeping with GiveWell's urging, therefor, we decided it made sense to support this initiative from our education fund in the interest of keeping kids in school. 

We truly appreciate the support of all of our donors from last month, and are happy to confirm that our contributions for this month again exceeded 130% of the amounts we received in donations.  We hope you'll continue to give, and you'll spread the word among your friends and families that Power of Deduction is the best way to support your favorite causes!