Contributions for March 2018

Another month, another set of contributions to some amazing organizations from each of our giving funds!  For this month, the organizations we donated to are:

Immigration and Refugees - Doctors Without Borders - Doctors Without Borders is a special organization to us at Power of Deduction, and in fact received our first ever donation.  We're happy to support them once again this month with the gift from our Immigration and Refugee fund, which was in part motivated by the organization's efforts in Syria.  Doctors Without Borders is a massive and generally well-funded organization, and we've seen some gimmicky fundraising efforts from them in the past.  However, the incredible work they do speaks for itself and has earned them excellent marks from numerous watchdog sources. 

Global Health - Against Malaria Foundation - What can we say?  GiveWell recently renewed its top ranking for AMF, and the organization continues to do amazing work on a shockingly lean administrative budget.  We are also moved by the donor experience with AMF, where our donations are traced to actual mosquito nets and we're kept updated on their distribution to various African nations to prevent the spread of Malaria.  It's a tremendous cause and a very impressive organization.

The Environment - Natural Resources Defense Council - Like the gift from our Immigration and Refugee fund, the gift from our Environment fund went to an organization that's likely well-known to a lot of our supporters.  Here too, however, that fact doesn't mean the contribution won't be put to highly effective use.  Instead, at least when the organization is as well-run as the NRDC, we think the fact that the recipient is a "name brand" can be a significant benefit to the effectiveness of the contribution since it means the organization doesn't need to expend resources proving its worth or establishing itself as a legitimate player in its space.

Animal Welfare - WildAid - As we've noted in the past, WildAid is rated 100 out of 100 on Charity Navigator, and employs a unique approach in tackling poaching from the demand side as opposed to the supply side.  Poaching is a staggering problem and the declines in, for example, elephant populations in recent years are really alarming.  We certainly understand the thinking that the best and most permanent solution for fighting poaching is to eliminate the financial incentives, so are happy to support WildAid in its efforts.

Homelessness - House of Charity - We gave to House of Charity, an old favorite, from our Homelessness fund this month.  We continue to be very impressed by the organization's services for the homeless population of Minneapolis and are proud to stand with it.

Nutrition and Hunger - Action Against Hunger - This month's contribution from our Nutrition and Hunger fund went to another old favorite, Action Against Hunger.  We're amazed by its fundraising abilities, with less than 2% of its budget being spent on fundraising.  That leaves a massive percentage to serve its mission of mitigating both the causes and effects of hunger for children from all over the world, which is a tough mission to argue with. 

Arts - Rainey Institute - We love the Rainey Institute, which provides arts enrichment activities to children in Cleveland after school and on the weekends.  We've been happy to have gotten to know the organization a bit better following some of our past contributions, and continue to be impressed by the great work it does.

Education - Evidence Action - Like last month, we gave to GiveWell favorite Evidence Action, and in particular its "Deworm the World Initiative," from our Education fund.  As we noted in our blog for last month, intestinal parasites are a significant problem in parts of the developing world, and are one of the primary factors that drive down school attendance.  Our gift reflects our hope to combat this effect. 

There you have it!  Have any thoughts or questions on this month's selection of charities?  Please contact us to share them!  Or, if you think this list looks great, why not make a donation to your favorite giving fund now?  Don't forget, we'll be able to add your entire gift to us, plus another 30%, to next month's contributions if you do so!