Contributions for April 2018

Back again to announce another round of contributions!  For this month, the organizations we donated to are:

Immigration and Refugees - International Rescue Committee - IRC is an organization that's well-known to our supporters, as it has been the beneficiary of several of our past contributions for this category.  This month, in addition to the list of excellent attributes it always has going for it (excellent financial efficiency and a pragmatic approach to serving the needs of the world's refugees), IRC had a triple match in effect that we made sure to take advantage of.

Global Health - Partners In Health - For the second month out of the last three, we supported PIH with our global health contribution.  Here too, the organization has the traditional hallmarks of efficiency and efficacy we look for in all of our donees, but also had a triple match in place.  This matching program helped it to overtake other contenders like the Against Malaria Foundation this month.

The Environment - Conservation Fund - We were excited to find a new charity to support with our environmental contribution for this month in the form of the Conservation Fund.  Its A+ rating from Charity Watch is what initially caught our eye, and the extensive research and policy platform set forth on the organization's site made us glad it did.  Conservation Fund appears to do great work for the environment, and it's an organization we are excited to get to know further.

Animal Welfare - Animal Welfare Institute - AWI has a broad range of programs designed to support a broad range of animals, from livestock to pets to wild animals.  It serves these animals in compassionate and thoughtful ways, and with great financial efficiency.  In this regard, like many of our favorite organizations, it prominently displays its financial filings on its website, which we find is always a good sign.

Homelessness - National Alliance to End Homelessness - An A+ organization on Charity Watch, the National Alliance to End Homelessness is much like the Conservation Fund in that it is a general purpose steward of the issues it serves.  Its site evinces both a great breadth and depth of expertise on the causes and potential solutions for the homelessness problems facing the U.S., and we trust it to use our contribution wisely in furtherance of its mission.

Nutrition and Hunger - One Acre Fund - One Acre Fund is a great organization that supports and trains farmers in East Africa, with the theory being these efforts will breed self-sufficiency and reduce the need for outside aid. It has top marks from both Charity Navigator and Charity Watch, which are well supported by its strong financial performance.

Arts - California Arts Council - Arts in Corrections Program - The Arts in Corrections program is a non-traditional beneficiary of one of our contributions in that it is a government program as opposed to a 501(c)(3).  This of course limits our ability to conduct our preferred in-depth research regarding the program's financials.  However, because the nature of this program so closely parallels our preferences for this category, and because we are generally aligned with the political priorities of our home state, we remained happy to support it with our contribution for this month.

Education - Educational First Steps - Finally, our contribution from our education fund went to Educational First Steps, a Dallas organization that advances early childhood education programs for children in low income neighborhoods.  We have been impressed by recent studies highlighting just how important early childhood education is, and were happy to find this organization, which appears well deserving of its four star rating on Charity Navigator.

That's it from us for this month.  Now it's your turn:  Time to make a donation to your favorite giving fund, so we can add your entire gift to us, plus another 30%, to our contributions for next month!!