Contributions for May 2018

It's that time again!  Today we made our contributions for this month, which went to the following organizations:

Immigration and RefugeesBRAC USA - As we wrote about when we donated to BRAC back in February, it's uniquely situated to help with the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh.  The organization's impressive financials and ratings from third party watchdogs continue to make us confident that it's a great organization to give to from this fund.

Global Health - Sightsavers - We made our first ever contribution to Sightsavers this month.  That organization, like a lot of our favorites, is a top rated charity on GiveWell.  As implied by the name, it does a lot of work in the area of blindness, which is a serious and treatable problem in the developing world.  Also central to its mission is "de-worming," and it's this mission that earned the organization its top rating from GiveWell. 

The Environment - Conservation Fund - Last month, we made our first ever gift to this organization, which advances a broad yet thoroughly well reasoned policy platform and mission, and noted we looked forward to getting to know it better.  Well, our continued research made us all the more impressed, so we decided to repeat our contribution this month.

Animal Welfare - WildAid - For May, we made our contribution from our Animal Welfare fund to the organization WildAid, which combats poaching by trying to decrease demand for ivory, shark fin soup, and similarly problematic products among consumers.  We're generally wary of organizations with extensive "celebrity" connections, which WildAid undeniably is.  But the organization's stellar financials and ratings from Charity Navigator and the like leave us confident that the mismanagement we fear in this situation is not at play here.

Homelessness - National Alliance to End Homelessness - As we said last month when we gave to NAEH, it's an A+ organization on Charity Watch and has both very broad and very deep expertise on the causes and potential solutions for the homelessness problems facing the U.S.  That's why it's one of our perennial favorites, and the recipient of our contribution from our Homelessness fund this month.

Nutrition and Hunger - Action Against Hunger - We've given to Action Against Hunger several times in the past, and decided to do so again from our Hunger and Nutrition fund this month thanks once again to its clear mission, strong financials, and excellent ratings from the likes of Charity Navigator and Charity Watch.

ArtsPS Arts - We decided to give to PS Arts for the first time ever this month.  Our decision was motivated primarily by its mission, which we really like.  The organization simply tries to bring the benefits of arts education to school children that might not otherwise have access, and to improve educational outcomes in doing so.  Our decision was reinforced by its 4-star rating on Charity Navigator, and solid financial profile.

Education - Educational First Steps - We thought we were onto something when we first gave to Educational First Steps, a Dallas organization that advances early childhood education programs for children in low income neighborhoods, from our Education fund last month.  As we noted previously, we've seen persuasive research regarding the tremendous value of early childhood education, and therefore believe well-managed organizations like this one, which helps broaden access to it, are well-deserving of contributions from this fund.

Another great month in the books here at Power of Deduction!  Why not make a donation to your favorite giving fund now and be part of the fun and boost your positive impact for next month??