Contributions for October 2017

We're excited to again provide the below summaries of the organizations that received our contributions, this time for October 2017.  As always, we selected these charities based on extensive research and reference to resources like GiveWell, Charity Navigator, and others, and maintained our focus on identifying organizations with an efficient, effective, and ethical approach to serving our causes.  So, without further ado, the charities we gave to for this month are:

Immigration and Refugees - Our immigration and refugees contribution for October went to BRAC USA and was motivated by the organization's services for the Rohingya.  The organization is affiliated with BRAC, founded within Bangladesh itself, and provides basic health and sanitation services to displaced peoples, among other things.  It has received top ratings for its work from numerous watchdog groups.

Global Health - We decided to change up our giving for global health this month.  While we still gave to an organization focused on providing mosquito nets to people living within Malaria-prone areas, this month, that organization was Nothing But Nets instead of the Against Malaria Foundation.  We continue to be persuaded that mosquito nets are a highly effective and efficient approach to improving global health.

The Environment - As you may have guessed based on our recent Spotlight On: The Environment post, our environmental contribution for this month went to the Rainforest Alliance, whose excellent work to preserve and protect rainforests has significant benefits with respect to major environmental risk factors.

Animal Welfare - For animal welfare, we gave to the Wildlife Conservation Network, which supports conservationists working to protect endangered species.  We were intrigued that WCN allows donations to be earmarked for particular species and were tempted to select the least "cute" one based on our hunch that that was where donations were most needed.  Without sufficient evidence to back up this theory, however, we decided to leave that designation blank and let the organization allocate our gift as it saw fit.  We trusted it to do so well, in part due to its excellent financial efficiency and top marks from Charity Navigator.

Homelessness - Our homelessness contribution for this month went to the House of Charity, a local organization in Minneapolis, Minnesota that offers free public meals, housing, chemical dependency treatments, and even a shower.  As we've spent more time reflecting on what it really means to be "charitable" and "altruistic," we've realized that the sentiment that "charity begins at home" shouldn't be the norm.  We were happy to support what our research indicated was a truly excellent and much needed organization in a locality neither of us had ever even been to.

Nutrition and Hunger - We supported Action Against Hunger USA for the nutrition and hunger category in October.  That organization targets both the causes and effects of extreme hunger worldwide, and in dedicating 93% of its revenues to fulfilling its program objectives, does so with excellent financial efficiency.

Arts - To advance the arts, we contributed to the National Guild for Community Arts Education, which advocates for and advances arts education in 45 states across the country.  We were disappointed to see that online donations to this organization were processed by Network for Good, however, which takes a substantial portion of gifts as a processing fee.  We therefore decided to mail them a check directly.

Education - As with last month, our October contribution for education went to Pencils of Promise and will be used to help finance the building and operating of new schools in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos.  We continue to feel that school construction is a good objective to further in connection with our education fund.

We truly appreciate the support of all of our donors from last month, whose generosity was paid forward to the above organizations with more than 30% more added on top.  Will you help us grow our gifts for November?  We sure hope so!  Give now in support of our November contributions.