Contributions for November 2017

It's that time again!  Yesterday was the 10th, so we're excited to provide the below summaries of the organizations we contributed to for this month.  As always, we selected these charities based on extensive research and reference to resources like GiveWell, Charity Navigator, and others, and maintained our focus on identifying organizations with an efficient, effective, and ethical approach to serving our causes.

Immigration and Refugees - After a few months of giving to other organizations, we returned to the International Rescue Committee for our November contribution for this cause.  We were drawn back by its stellar ratings on Charity Navigator and Charity Watch, clear and well articulated mission statement, and excellent financial profile.  While we have sought to specifically aid the Rohingya with the last several months of our giving for this cause, for this month, we felt comfortable letting the IRC use our gift wherever the organization sees the greatest need.

Global Health - If you caught our recent Spotlight On: Global Health post, you won't be too surprised to learn we've again given to a provider of mosquito nets to help prevent the spread of malaria.  Like last month, this month's contribution went to Nothing But Nets.  While we aren't sure we prefer Nothing But Nets to the Against Malaria Foundation (another top organization working in this space), Nothing But Nets had an impressive matching campaign in effect yesterday that won us over.  An executive from the organization vowed to contribute three times whatever was received yesterday, which includes our contribution.

The Environment - Our environmental contribution for this month is also no surprise to any followers of our Spotlight series.  This month, we gave to the Rainforest Trust, whose mission closely aligns with our environmental values and whose financial health and governance has earned them a perfect 100 out of 100 on Charity Navigator.

Animal Welfare - For animal welfare, we gave to WildAid, which combats poaching by targeting the demand side rather than the supply side.  The organization administers advertising campaigns in countries where the demand for things like ivory, for example, is very high, educating consumers about the harm involved with the trade.  Similar campaigns have massively reduced the market for shark fin soup, suggesting there really is something to this model.  And the 100 out of 100 score for this organization on Charity Navigator didn't hurt either!  

Homelessness - Our homelessness contribution for this month went to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, which has top marks from numerous watchdog groups and employs logical, evidence based approaches at the national level to preventing and ending homelessness.  Our review left us confident that the organization is staffed with thoughtful individuals with a uniquely thorough understanding of their field and how to address its challenges.

Nutrition and Hunger - We supported Action Against Hunger USA for the nutrition and hunger category in November, as we did last month.  That organization targets both the causes and effects of extreme hunger and malnutrition worldwide, and does so in a way that consistently earns it top marks for its financial efficiency.

Arts - Our arts contribution for November went to the Rainey Institute, an organization that offers arts-related activities to Cleveland children after school, on weekends, and over the summer.  We did so after re-reading studies heralding the positive effects of bringing the arts to disadvantaged or at-risk populations that might not otherwise engage with them, which reinforced our long-term approach for this category.

Education - For education, we gave to a Unicef program called Schools for Africa for this month.  We closely considered giving to Asha for Education, another 100 out of 100 organization on Charity Navigator, which aims to bring education to disadvantaged children in India.  While we will continue to review and familiarize ourselves with that organization, we were not prepared to give at this point due to concerns over how successfully it avoids perpetuating caste discrimination, a major ethical pitfall for us.  With this concern in mind, we decided to continue giving to organizations that work specifically to build schools in the developing world.

We truly appreciate the support of all of our donors from last month, and are happy to confirm that our contributions for this month again exceeded 130% of the amounts we received in donations.  As the season of giving ramps up, we hope you'll help us boost our December contributions!  Give now.