Surprise! Announcing Our Special Giving Tuesday Contributions

If you've been following our giving, you know that we typically make our contributions on the 10th of every month.  What you may not know, however, is why.  That is, you may think we should contribute more frequently and thereby reduce the lag between supporters' gifts to us and the charitable contributions they help support.

There are a few reasons this isn't the path we've chosen.  Of course, there are purely practical considerations like accounting consistency and simplicity that no doubt factor in.  More important, however, is the fact that making fewer gifts in greater amounts results in a smaller portion of our contributions going to payment processors instead of the charities we select.  For a company whose primary mission is to help the best charities receive the most money, this really cuts to the core of our values.  In balancing these considerations, which incentivize us to give less frequently, with our supporters' understandable desire to have their gifts support charities in short order, we decided early on that the once per month schedule was about right.

All of this being said, these same values require us to be flexible on days like today, Giving Tuesday, when many of our favorite organizations have special matching campaigns in effect.  Rather than waiting around until December 10, therefore, we made contributions today for the causes in which there's a known, excellent charity with a gift match in place!  That means that we gave to:

Rainey Institute (Arts, 2x matching)

Action Against Hunger (Hunger and Nutrition, 2x matching)

Nothing But Nets (Global Health, 3x matching)

International Rescue Committee (Immigration and Refugees, 3x matching)

Rainforest Trust (Environment, 4x matching)

These are all awesome organizations that have impressed us and earned our support in the past (you can check out why in these posts), so we were eager to support them on a day where our giving could have an even greater impact. 

If you made a donation designating one of these causes since the first of this month, be on the lookout for an email from us later today with more information.  And if you didn't, what are you waiting for??  Give now and maximize your charitable impact!