Contributions for December 2017

We bent our rules for December!  Instead of waiting until the 10th like usual, we made our contributions on Giving Tuesday for our immigration and refugees, environment, arts, hunger and nutrition, and global health categories.  As we explained in our post from that day, we did this to take advantage of some amazing gift matching campaigns by some of our favorite organizations serving these causes.  We're all about maximizing our impact (and the impact of our donors), so these matching campaigns—some of which quadrupled our gifts—certainly resonated with us.

That said, there were three causes where we weren't aware of any matching programs in effect for our preferred causes that day.  For those causes, therefore, we made our gifts on our usual schedule.  That means that on this past Sunday, we contributed to the following organizations.

Animal Welfare - For animal welfare, we gave to the Animal Welfare Institute, a new organization for us.  We were initially wooed by its A+ rating from Charity Watch, and our continued research into the organization and its financials left us happy with its clear, coherent mission (protecting animals of all kinds from human-caused threats) and practical approach. 

Homelessness - As with November, we made our December homelessness contribution to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.  That organization has extremely high marks from Charity Navigator and Charity Watch, and its strong financials make clear why.  Homelessness is a very challenging problem in the U.S., of course, but it looks to us like NAEH is doing a great job in its work to prevent and eliminate it.

Education - If you've been following our contributions for this cause, you know we're having a hard time finding an organization we like better than Pencils of Promise.  That's why we gave to them again this month.  While they aren't rated by some of our preferred watchdog services, we've reviewed their financial information and reports via their website and are satisfied with the economic efficiency with which the organization is run.  More important in this case, however, is the excellent, simple mission for the organization, which simply aims to build schools in remote areas to increase access education for all.  This is a goal that we can get behind.  Stay tuned for a deep dive on our reasoning in an upcoming Spotlight post.

We had our biggest month yet in November, so the December contributions were also the biggest we've ever done.  That is, once again, we paid out more than 130% of the amounts we took in in the previous month.  And we're excited to keep doing it!  We hope you'll consider making a gift now.