We're Live!! Here's Why.

Adelaide and I are excited and honored to welcome you to the new and improved website for Power of Deduction.  We're so proud of the site and have been truly humbled by the outpouring of support we've received since launching it a few weeks ago.  We intend to use this blog to keep you up to date on what we're doing as a company, so we hope you'll check back often!

Making Charitable Contributions Go Further.png

For our first post, we thought it would be a good idea to provide a sense of how we got started and what motivates us going forward.  Unfortunately, that story begins with a topic that neither we nor, we suspect, you like to think aboutthe 2016 presidential election.

We were sensitive to the struggles and needs of the world's underserved populations prior to that time, to be sure, but that jarring event changed our outlook and deepened our sense of purpose and duty.  In its wake, our contributions felt more urgent, and we soon realized they should be more systematic, too.  That's why we decided to set aside a portion of our earnings every month to give to a wide array of causes, several of which have been directly threatened or harmed by the new administration.

However, it quickly became clear to us that giving to "charity" in and of itself wasn't enough.  We wanted our contributions to have their maximum possible impact, which meant taking the time to identify the best charities.  In this regard, our story is a lot like that of the character we describe in the "Why Give" portion of the site.  The only difference is that for us, we had no choice but to double down and spend the time familiarizing ourselves with the most effective interventions and the best charities employing them.  We didn't have (or at least didn't know about) any companies doing what we're doing now.

As we enhanced our knowledge, we wondered whether we might be able to use it to make the process easier for others.  That's where the idea for accepting user donations came in, which quickly led to perhaps our most innovative ideasplitting the tax benefits associated with our novel structure with our favorite charities by paying the donations we receive from our supporters through to them with an extra 30% on top.

The result of this evolution is the site you're visiting now.  We're very grateful that you've found your way here, and invite those of you who have made it this far to spend some more time perusing what we're all about.  If you're inspired by our work, we would of course be delighted if you donated now to support our efforts.