Announcing Our Hurricane Harvey Giving Fund

Like a lot of people, we've been closely following the news out of Texas and have been deeply saddened by it.  The loss is extraordinary, and we certainly share in the heartbreak that has made a tremendous number of people feel compelled to give to charities supporting those whose lives have been upended.

Our personal response has been complicated by our familiarity with research questioning the effectiveness of post-disaster giving, which worries us as to the alignment of Harvey-centric contributions to our objectives as a company.  Ultimately, however, we realized that given the tremendous (and unquestionably noble) outpouring of financial support for Harvey's victims from the general public, there was an important role for us to play in helping ensure that this support found its way to the best possible organizations—not just the most well-known ones.

That's why we're happy to announce we've decided to set up a temporary Harvey-specific fund.  Our contributions from that fund may go to organizations whose missions overlap with one or more of our long-term causes (e.g. homelessness, health, the environment, etc.), but they'll specifically target ones in the Houston area or that are otherwise providing relief directly to Harvey's victims.  As with all of our funds, your donations designating Hurricane Harvey relief as your preferred cause will enable us to add 130% of the amount you give to our next contribution to a charity serving the cause efficiently, effectively, and ethically.  So a $100 donation would let us add $130 to our next monthly contribution.

We look forward to helping ensure that your Harvey-related generosity can have its greatest possible impact, and invite you to donate in support of our Harvey-related contributions now.