Contributions for September 2017

We made our contributions for September yesterday, and are delighted to have supported the below organizations.  We selected them based on extensive research and reference to resources like GiveWell, Charity Navigator, and others.  Each one impressed us by outlining clear lists of services tailored to evidence-backed solutions, and doing so in a financially efficient manner.

Immigration and Refugees - Our immigration and refugees contribution for September went to Islamic Relief USA and was designated for the organization's services for the Rohingya, who have recently been forced to flee Myanmar and lack many basic services.

Global Health - For the second month in a row, we made our global health contribution to the Against Malaria Foundation, which provides mosquito nets to people living within Malaria-prone areas.

The Environment - We made our environmental contribution to Rainforest Trust, which works to protect areas of immense biodiversity from deforestation.  We liked this mission, as well as the ancillary benefit of the saved trees serving as "carbon sinks."

Animal Welfare - For animal welfare, we donated to Mercy for Animals.  That organization fights cruelty against farm animals through investigations, legal advocacy, and education.

Homelessness - Our homelessness contribution for this month went to the Coalition for the Homeless, an organization focused on providing food, shelter, crisis services, professional training, and youth programs to homeless populations.

Nutrition and Hunger - We supported the Food Fortification Initiative for the nutrition and hunger category in September.  That organization helps governments plan, implement, and monitor food fortification programs, an undertaking which can have a tremendous impact on the health and well-being of impoverished populations.

Arts - To advance the arts, we contributed to the California Arts Council's Arts in Corrections program, which provides inmates with various avenues for creative expression and in turn combats recidivism, boosts rehabilitation efforts, and generally improves the state prison environment.

Education - Our September contribution for education went to Pencils of Promise.  This contribution will be used to help finance the building and operating of new schools in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos.

Hurricane Harvey - We contributed to HomeAid Houston via our Hurricane Harvey fund this month.  That organization is dedicated to building and repairing structures to house the homeless, a much-needed service in the aftermath of the storm.

The 10th has quickly become one of our favorite dates each month, as that's when we make our contributions.  We hope you'll consider making a gift now in support of the contributions we'll make in October!  As always, your gifts will enable us to add 130% of their value to our next contribution for the cause you select.